Michael Gibbs

Director of Different Tracks Global Ltd

Michael Gibbs is currently a Director of Different Tracks Global Ltd, a consulting and training company, based in Northern Ireland, that specializes in leadership development, conflict management, equality and diversity training and executive coaching. Although Michael was born in Trinidad, West Indies., he has lived and worked on five different continents during the course of his professional career giving him unique insights into the subtleties of race, religion and culture.

For more than 30 years Michael has worked directly and indirectly with civil society and the public sector. After graduating from Harvard University in 1989, Michael initially worked for a multinational consulting firm, Andersen Consulting and has a strong background in financial management. He went on to share his expertise in Australia, working with the Aboriginal community on land rights issues before travelling to Zanzibar where he worked for the Ministry of Health, as a Director of Policy for three years working extensively with the Global Fund, a World Health Organisation, the World Bank and the Aga Khan Foundation.

In addition, Michael serves as a mediator in international and domestic matters including civil and employment disputes with a speciality in issues related to equality and diversity. He works with individuals and groups to design, improve and repair attitudes, relationships and faulty structures.


20th / 21st October 2021 Young Hearts & Minds

Presentation Four - Racial Trauma – Meaningful Conversations Which Lead to Long Lasting Change

During this presentation Michael will facilitiate meaningful conversations with three young people from Northern Ireland. During this time Michael will talk about "everyday traumas" that these young people face and the long term impact that this has on young people and their future. How can we bring about long lasting change for future generations?