Vivian McKinnon

Founder & Managing Director of Hydro-ease

Vivian is the Founder and Managing Director of Hydro-ease, Northern Irelands only dedicated floatation Centre. She is also the founder of Wellness Consultant and the regional coordinator for SMART Recovery UK. Vivian is committed to reducing the impacts of trauma and related symptoms using the latest approaches in neuroscience in unison with floatation therapy, developing Reconnection and Floatation Therapy (RAFT) her own unique approach to healing.

An inspirational and creative therapeutic practitioner, an authentic and engaging trainer and international Public Speaker Vivian firmly believes RAFT is the perfect antidote to our modern frenetic world

Having almost 3 decades of lived experience of adverse childhood experiences, trauma and addiction she was introduced to floatation for the first time in 2004. After having a very profound and enlightening experience she was keen to understand what had taken place. When the owner/operator of the float centre could not provide the answers she sought she decided to find out for herself, this seen her returning to education and training alongside some of the most fascinating minds in the world of the modalities she has studied, working with everyone from leaders to vulnerable and disengaged young people throughout the Charity and Voluntary, Public and Private sectors across Scotland and Northern Ireland.


20th / 21st October 2021 Young Hearts & Minds

Lived Experience Story - The Magic is Within You

"I truly believe that deep beneath the protective layers of ego, experience and human programming each of us has a true authentic self made up of wisdom, courage, creativity and infinite possibilities. For many of us, including myself, life’s hard knocks can really get in the way of stepping into your unlimited power of living out your purpose and from having the courage to be totally and one hundred percent your real self."

Vivian will share a ‘not too pretty’ account of how she transformed a traumatic child and adulthood into a thriving home life and business with the sole aim of helping others do the same.


20th / 21st October 2021 Young Hearts & Minds

Panel Discussion - Impact of COVID on Children and Young People

The panel will look at and discuss the impact the pandemic has had on children and young people. They will discuss methods to address the long term impact of this and what changes can be put in place across all areas to offer support and pave a road to recovery.